Whether the accompanying Partner wishes to study, work, take care of their families or simply have some time off to enjoy life, our programs will ensure that he or she makes the best of THEIR expatriation. As many studies have demonstrated during the past ten years, a happy spouse is an integral part of a successfull international assignment!

Through our experience with many thousands of counseling programs, NET EXPAT has piloted, tested and implemented successful methods of finding jobs abroad for the accompanying Expat Partner - from low-cost basic-level training to in-depth, solution-oriented programs. NET EXPAT is proud of having achieved an 82% success rate (number of candidates working vs. total number of coaching programs delivered) and a 95% satisfaction rate.

NET EXPAT support is always face-to-face and fully personalized, including a free and non-binding orientation session. Our support might typically include career counseling, resume/CV writing and revue, preparation for interviews through role-playing techniques, list of potential employers and information on the local job market, support in becoming self-employed, further educational opportunities, or simply advice on how to get the best value out of the expatriation experience when paid work is not an option. Throughout the program, Partners have personalized access to our valuable, country-specific, web-based resources center as well as their individual Job Search Management Tool.

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